Thursday, March 31, 2011


I remember the first time I saw the word "TAMMAT" after every old Malay movie when I was little, I was so impressed that even if you spell it backwards, it still is "TAMMAT" hahaha the simplicity of life for a kid.

So, it's the end of March and tomorrow will be the 1st April, and so far I can proudly say I am recovering from my blog-laziness syndrome. Hahaha, including this post, it will be a total of 32 posts. Then again, I'd rather go for quality than quantity but I think the best way for me to get rid of this lazy bug is to just post any crap/thing/stuff that can get me blogging.

Oh, and oh! Thank you PosOnline for being awesome! I mean, I was this close to miss my internet bill payment. I was looking forward to Friday but I guess, I have to wait until Monday then...Patient is virtue....not.
It's been almost half a year. Love the job. Will probably blog about my life here sooon. How soon? Sooon!


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