Sunday, March 27, 2011

Screwed Up Weekend

All the things planned - TAK JADI. 

Growing up, I have learned some valuable lessons when it comes to planning. You say Insya Allah which means God Willing, when you are planning something on. You plan, God plans, but God is the best plan maker. Be prepared to not being able to carry out your plan, say your words. And it would be nice if you have a backup plan, if not a few, you know in case things go wrong.

Was pretty much looking forward to the weekend (no, I'm not quoting Rebecca Black's Friday!) because of a cousin's wedding. This cousin, haven't seen him and the family for years. The last time I saw them was before I left for Australia, probably in 2006? See! 5 years already. Woah...

So, I thought the cousin's wedding would be today, the 27th March 2011. And yesterday's late afternoon as I was getting ready going out to watch World Invasion Battle LA (which is btw, a better movie than Independence Day imo but probably just as good as Cloverfield?) I received a call from my mom, asking me to check with my dad the date of the wedding. 

Turned out, we got the date wrong! And my cousin and his bride had already finished taking photos and all the main events y'all! What do you expect, it was 2pm already! So, yeah, I didn't make it to my cousin's wedding. 

Sometimes I wonder, how do you manage your human relationships. With friends, families, colleagues, clients. Well, with clients it's mostly, strictly professional I suppose. No matter how we do it, human relationships won't work out if only one side is making the effort. Like the Malay saying, bertepuk sebelah tangan (or in English, it takes two to tango). 

I really have to start catching up with long lost families (cousins esp.) and friends, be it from pri school,high school, college or university. Living isn't just about you only. 


nubab said...

saiful achik ke kahwin?

JaJa'Z said...

sapa kawen??

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

anak achik sentul dib.


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