Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Idea

What to blog about? I know I've got something to blog here, just that I don't know how to start. So pardon this rambling, and let's hope that by the time I'm done you get to read the real stuff.

Oh, Lee Chong Wei won All England for the second time in a row! And he beat Lin Dan woot woot~ That's old stuff yeah?... I bet you don't know this -

That if you have online bank accounts you can donate some of your savings to charities! And even to the survivors/victims of the recent earthquake in Japan! Yeah! Go to Groupon and donate RM3 to Japan!
Hey, I love working life! I get to do things I couldn't before!

What? I'm outdated because everyone knows about these things? Oh..okay...

Never mind then... I think Imma talk to my webcam, doing a vlog...


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