Saturday, March 26, 2011


What I mean is, Earth Hour. Have you taken part in Earth Hour before? I did. Sort of.

You see, I'm the kind of guy that feels as long as it doesn't really hurt me to do something good, I will do it. I don't remember when, but it was during my time studying in Gippsland.The Rez (the short for Gippsland Residential) would have some kind of activities for those who want to take part in Earth Hour. Usually students would gather in the Rec Hall (Recreational Hall where there's pingpong table, pool table, big flat screen TV with cable equipped with DVD players) where the RAs - residential advisors who are students too, would be in charge of the activities the Rez plan. Though I never did go to any of the gathering. I just stayed home, in my room, looking outside the window. Hahaha talk about being introvert!

In a way, I appreciate the electricity supplied, that has been around since the day I was born. I was born in a brightly lit room in a hospital. That one hour (well not exactly one hour, I only turned off the light for about 45 mins? =P) I could see it was totally dark, pitch black. Got me thinking how was it in the past? How could people move around at night with just a fire torch, or lantern in their hands?

But at least in Australia it was perhaps not as scary as in Malaysia last time when there was no electricity and lamp post. Hahaha I mean, Malaysia is scarier no? That reminds me, I remember saying in front of my housemates and friends who are Australians that the ghosts here (in Australia) are nothing compared to Malaysia's. And soon after I said that, I thought I was gonna be in trouble for being such a douschebag saying that kind of stuffs. Thank God nothing unpleasant happened to me all those time when I was in Australia.

But I heard a lot of these paranormal occurrence from my friends. Even the gf had her fair share of story. She was on a video call with her friend, and the friend's bf's nephew asked her, "Mana makcik tua belakang kakak tu (my gf) tadi?" Man, I dono about you but if I was her, I would have just frozen there, on my seat.

Though I think it's kinda late to slow down the damage done. But better than no action taken. Earth Hour's official website. did I manage to talk about ghost all of a sudden?!? I was talking about Earth Hour for God's sake. Oh well, don't forget, tonight 8.30pm (if I'm not wrong) for 1 hour, let's turn off the light! Well, I might be out, so the light won't be on for sure. =P


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