Monday, March 14, 2011


Been actively cooking the past few weeks ever since me and my housemate got a fridge. Though for the first few days, couldn't think of what to make. 

Then I came across this handsome, good looking white American guy, speaking fluent Japanese on YouTube. (thanks to Ciaella, another YouTuber from Canada who is currently residing in Japan that I got to know this guy)


But it didn't turn out exactly like the Japanese curry I had before when I was studying in Australia. The taste was there, just that the texture didn't come out right. BAH!!

Japanese Curry
Mistake #1 - Too much oil?
Mistake #2 - Diced onion was stir fried too long?

Then, just tonight, I had this!

It was really good, though appearance wise, it can be improved some more. Never mind, I shall note it down.

Mixed Paghetti LOL Salad (sort of)
Mistake #1 - Plain. Should have added peas and carrots, capsicums even.
Mistake #2 - Too much green leaves?

Anyway, do you guys sometimes check out new recipe and try out? If you do, do share with me, who knows if you guys got some advices to give. Saya budok baru belajo~



Hann said...

bagus2.masak sendiri kat rumah, sgt ekonomik n sehat.

ak slalu try masakan thai mostly dpt resepi from youtuber name Kai,
have fun trying n eating :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ohooo! thanks buddy! will definitely try the recipes there! hehehehe

memang sihat dan menjimatkan bila masak sendiri. hahaha XP


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