Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Not Friday!

Woah! I thought I already posted something on my blog today. Must have got things confused with the dream I had this morning...

This weekend has been great. I didn't go out to the mall or movies, I just stayed home, and rest. Hahahaah! I'm like a couch potato only that I didn't watch TV and eat junk foods - cleaning up my room, and my kitchen. I'm loving the fridge that's for sure. Though it would have been great, much better if there's an oven in the kitchen. I kinda miss the time I use the oven a lot.

Totally not healthy meal. But not always. =P Being a cheapskate, I  used normal cheese, cut it into strips and lay the strips on top of the potato chips and sausages, put the plate in microwave oven. Hahahaha! XP

Stir fried bok choy in oyster sauce. Totally awesome! (masuk bakul angkat sendiri =P)

I made the Japanese curry again. This time too much carrots but the curry was nice!  But I can't explain why the curry looks so yellow in this photo...must be the lighting..hehehe
So, anyone wants to donate an oven? Just playing.

On a much serious note, if you feel like helping the less fortunates in our country, you should start doing so now. A lot of resources can be found on the net. We have a lot of yayasan, foundations,charity organisation, NGOs  in Malaysia. =)

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