Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Honestly, I think I am in a lot of stress. LOL I mean, the future is uncertain, but that has always got me motivated and moving. But when other factors came into play, it kinda builds up inside. Unlike last time in Uni, I got to play sports and get my mind off the problems, and after that, I would come back a different man, with a clearer mind to think and solve the problems.

Now that I already have a job, I find it hard to live the same lifestyle in Australia. For starter, Australia is not Malaysia. Talk about adapting.

Anyways, so minutes ago I decided to deactivate my facebook account. It was my first time to click on that link to deactivate one's facebook account. When I came across the new page though, I smiled, and decided not to run away. Hahahaha!

These guys will miss me, says Facebook. Hahaha
Though I rarely keep in touch with them, seeing their names somehow brings me back to the past when I got the privilege to know them, and spend some time with them, and to play some parts in the important events in their lives.

Cutting yourself from the rest of the world is certainly not the way to solve your problem. Reach out to someone. Someone who cares. A stranger, perhaps?

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