Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Know It's Worth It

Finally! A stable, super fast internet connection! For your information, in case I forgot to mention in my previous posts I signed up for Unifi last month. And last Sunday, I got all the cables, modem, router, TV top box installed, only that there was one problem - I couldn't access the internet. Apparently there was a problem at the centre, so only a week after that day, which is today,that I got to use the internet! The wait is worth it really, I've never felt this happy, okay I'm lying, I have experienced much greater joy than this, just that there are too many of those moments. Oh, another reason why I should thank Allah for blessing my life and to remind myself that my life does not suck.

With Unifi, no more buffering. Laju dowh! (Sam Bunkface 2010)  =P

Nobody starts from the top. Nobody had it easy in the first try. So, don't whine, don't complain. Life is all about learning. If you think you have learned nothing all these time you've been alive, you should really take a good look at where you're heading.


Last Sunday. Thanks to the technician guys, Zhafri and Faiz for setting the things up and resolved the problem I encountered for the last 7 days. =D


~ yus ~ said...

mahal tak unifi? how much is it per month? not that i wanna get that unifi, but.. who knows kan? hehehe~

JaJa'Z said...

lepas2 ni bleh la update blog mcm selalu ek....

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

yus, kalau gi website die ada cakap. hehe, saya ambik yang paling murah VIP5, RM150 sebulan. saya daftar ni pon sebab bulan pertama free. bulan kedua baru dapat bil, dan hanya perlu bayar untuk bulan tu saje, tak perlu nak bayar advance. =)

kak ja, Insya Allah. =)


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