Sunday, February 27, 2011

Susah Payah Jerih Rona

Ever since I started working 4 months ago, I came to realise a lot of things. And in a way, I'm glad that I did notice those things now. Better late than never. I came to appreciate all the troubles I went through last time.

I really like working at this company. It is a new company really, so it runs solely on the funds granted by other parties. Those who worked for new company that just starting up should probably know what are the common problems faced. And being in this line of work has made me learned many new things and gain more experience.

Though it is a bit, hmm...what could be the right word for it, disappointed? That the choice I made sometimes are being questioned, made to look like a stupid one by those I respect and love. I always believe everything has been laid out in front of everyone of us. Kinda reminds me of the road not taken.

Then again, those people could have said all those things out of concerns. Who knows eh?

Heh, enough rambling, time to save up more money for future Danial to spend. =P


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