Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maaf Ye!

Gomen! Been abandoning the blog again even though now I have super fast Unifi! =P I guess I got distracted with other stuffs online; reading all the latest news, watching sensational videos (that including any youtube videos that gone viral =P) and..watching Japanese drama.  Yeah, kinda miss doing that all. Anyway a lot of things have been going on right now.

Hmmm...let's start with what I just did, an hour ago. I. Played. Frigging. Badminton! HAHAHHA So fun! The last time I played badminton on a proper badminton court...May last year, 2010. Long time ago. Me and

At Pro Sports, near Jusco Cheras Selatan.

Me and my housemate suddenly felt like playing. So we decided to go for this big indoor badminton gym near  South City, which is quite near our place, only that the busy traffic at that road may make the time taken to reach that place a bit longer than estimated. My housemate had a look at the place, very nice, so it makes sense for it to cost RM20/hour. We thought that's a bit expensive, so I checked on the net for any other nearby badminton courts. Found one, at Serdang Jaya, run by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council. Guess what? The counter to make the booking was closed. The fee is RM15 for 2 hours in weekend during the day, and RM30 for 2 hours during the night. A bit bummed, we decided to just check the other areas. Long story short, can't explain how we ended up in the long queue of vehicles going to Jusco Cheras Selatan. There we saw it, the signboard - ProSports Futsal and Badminton! And it's only RM16/hour. Since we were pretty much desperate for a game of badminton, we just went for it. Was a really good one hour. Worth the money yo!

If any of you guys do play around Balakong Jaya, Balakong, or Cheras Selatan, please do let me know if you are looking for some kaki. Hahaha, I even bought a new racket yesterday. What the heck, the price was okay. =P


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