Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Blog Really That Outdated?

Well, not really. It's just that using blogspot is so outdated. But Imma stick with blogspot y'all! Hahahaha. Ever since 2009 when I started following few YouTube channels, I thought, blogging on blogspot was not the in thing anymore even though in Malaysia it seems more and more people embark new journeys blogging via blogspot. It's a good thing, in a way, we know more Malaysians are Celik IT.

Hey that sure reminds me of the Teknologi Maklumat song that I first listened to when I was in primary school.

"Teknologi hebat, penyebar maklumat, membentuk satu bangsa berjaya"

Time sure flies so fast. When my dad bought a PC, it was just a 166MHz powered, now, it's already 2.8GHz, what's with all these i3, i5 and i7. And dial up is the way for me to go online on mIRC, to #sesma and socialise there, using my pseudonym - de_koop. Okay, cut it Dan.

Since I got this Unifi, been watching a lot of videos on YouTube. Got me thinking if I should start my own channel on YouTube, which I seriously think is not a good idea because for starter, I talk really fast. Super fast, and I don't really enunciate that well so most of the time lots of people are having trouble catching what I say. Though I manage to get myself to successfully slow down, and E-N-U-N-C-I-A-T-E every time I am meeting someone big, important. Going for interviews, speaking with some very important persons, and also when I speak Malay with the gf's family. I sure don't want to blurt out some of the Terengganu words out for fear they may look at me with blank faces.

But seriously, if you know many Malay dialects, that would be really cool. Last time I was kinda confident to speak the northern dialect, but not anymore. I'm more comfortable speaking Terengganu. Hahaha, funny got this Kelantanese guy selling goreng pisang sort of warning- maybe advising me not to use the standard Malay in my daily conversation but just use the Terengganu. Turned out, some of my friends had encountered this thing before, being 'advised' not to speak Kay Ell. Hahaha funny. I mean, you don't speak differently so that others who are not from where you are can fit in too. Right? Right?

Or do we have to coop ourselves within the same circle of people?

Okay, how did I end up talking about this. Roger and out~
Maybe I got all woozy seeing this picture.


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