Monday, January 17, 2011

So What's Been Happening Outside This Blog?

A lot of things.
For starter, I got my dad's kancil. Drove it all the way from Kerteh to Balakong Jaya few days before new year. It was a good thing that we all had planned to have a trip to KL with my aunt from Penang. I took turn driving the Kancil with Adib, tailing our family car. I must say it was a nerve wracking experience when I drove in the city area for the first time. Cars, lorries, motorcycles everywhere. Mostly moving at the speed of more than 60km/h even in that kind of traffic jam. Scary. Stayed over at a hotel suite near KLCC for the night and the next morning, as early as 6am, I drove to my place in Balakong Jaya. And yeah, I drove the kancil, following my dad who was driving the other car. I didn't know my way around then, but now, okay-lah. I just follow sign boards and Google Maps. =P

Back in Kerteh after watching the first match of the AFF Suzuki Cup Final.

Boys will forever be in love with video games! Be it handheld game console, or pc =P

Excited to be eating weird.. hahaha!

Pretty tired that morning because the night before I went to watch the Gulliver's Travel with my siblings and cousins. Though big guy wasn't around. He's in a wayy different league. =P
Will try to update more often! 



achik ezam said...

jauh kancil...

sure sakit badan.


Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha ada dua driver. jadi take turn to drive la. so tak sakit sangat. sakit bile kat bandar je...dah la kereta manual.=P


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