Saturday, January 29, 2011

Music Video Of The Week - I'm Hardcore by David Choi, Ryan Higa, JR Aquino

Saturday, what a lovely day. After Subuh, I lied down on my err, mattress? Toto? Anyways, I was contemplating going back to sleep. I kept telling myself, "eh, tertutup pintu rezeki kalau tidur balik lepas Subuh" Then there is the other voice saying "Ala, ko ingat rezeki tu makanan je ke. Macam-macam." As I was debating with that other voice, I fell asleep, and woke up at 9.40am just now. Now I'm hungry. So true, pintu rezeki tertutup, because I don't feel like cooking my own breakfast. Heading to mamak later..cos I'm hardcore!! =P

*does not make sense at all*


The boys. They are not gay. And no, not a boyband. Some YouTube celebrities. =P  Source:YouTube

Enjoy this funny video, at least to me it is funny. Such a peculiar twisted taste, I have...

ps: I love you readers. Hahaha XP

ps2: My ps2 is broken, and got stolen last month... =___= so was my xbox360... T_______T


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