Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Go Watch Malaysia Open 2011!!

Naah, I don't mean the tennis one. I mean the badminton tournament that is going on in Bukit Jalil from the 18th till this Sunday the 23rd January.

Because things are not looking so great in the Malaysian camp, so I thought we should give more, more supports, cheers to push Lee Chong Wei to defend his Malaysia Open title!! XD

So, let's! Let's Go Watch Malaysia Open 2011, at Bukit Jalil this weekend if Chong Wei manages to get through to semi and final! I know that the tickets can be purchased online at but I am not sure if you can purchase the tickets outside. Maybe you can even buy it on the spot at Bukit Jalil eh? Anyway, I had a look at the price, for premium seat, it's only RM45! Cool~
Kawanku, Khairul Hanif Fauzi aka Mat Ben sebelah kiri Lee Chong Wei, selepas dia menang Japan Open! Best giler!

Come on! Malaysia Boleh!! =D

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