Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OST Ayoub Slot Samarinda TV3

When I was blogging earlier, the show was on. I heard the theme song of the drama 'Ayoub' and I must say, I find the song so soothing, suits the background picture of white clouds in the sky.

Listening to the song, while watching the opening scene. Marvelous work!

All is good, but I wonder why that Ayoub guy is wearing all smart in the picture above, when in the drama just now, he was just a herdsman? Is he a herdsman? Well, his job got something to do with taking care of livestocks so I assume he works as a herdsman. =P

Another story. Big day tomorrow. Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation is paying my workplace a visit tomorrow. A site visit. You know, Biotech Corp? If you watched Buleting Utama for the past months, you surely realised this special slot about biotechnology, and you could see our PM, the deputy PM, the minister of Science and Technology, and even the director (I think?) of the Biotech Corp saying all those lines how biotech can improve your lives, contribute to our country's economy and all that. So these people from Biotech Corp will be there tomorrow, watching us... jks. Just a site visit  *nervousss*



mizz sue said...

su baru jer tengok cerita ayoub tu semalam..rase macam best pulak

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ha'ah. mcam best kan. nak kena tengok sikit lagi hehe

Kimmy Ai said...

AS 9

dah lama tak tengok samarinda dgn mak. sejak fly egypt. isk~ T_T

good luck. ;)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahhaha, jangan besedih. pengorbanan tu. nanti dah habih belajar, luangkan lagi masa tengok samarinda dengan mak. ni first time kot tengok samarinda best ni. haha. mak gue minat sinetron =P


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