Friday, December 24, 2010

Long Silence...Does That Mean I Have Many Golds Now????

You know how they say, silence is gold? Hahah I am just being lame at the moment. I got plenty of things to talk about, to blog about, but guess what? All of a sudden 3 weeks ago, no more 3G network in my flat. Before that, I could get full bar 3G connection in my room, now I have to rely on GPRS/EDGE connection, which is super slow. I hate looking at the USB Modem blinking green....

Still thank you Celcom for taking a prompt action to get this problem of mine fixed. They replied my email, and called me last Monday to notify me that they did come to Balakong Jaya and found out that there is a problem with the 3G coverage in this area. Man, if no one complaining, I guess it would have remained unfixed until God knows when! But thank you Celcom, worry not, you won't get bad publicity for this, rather a good one since you are taking your customer's complaint seriously. Kudos! =D

I sound really pissed in this email huh? But it's a good thing I wasn't being too rude. Just a bit sarcastic =P

Fast reply, two working days only.

And after I replied the above email, it took them 5 days to reply. Not bad ah.
And 5 days after that, they called me, letting me know they are fixing the problem in this area after discovering that there is a problem with the 3G coverage here. "Dalam masa dua minggu ke satu bulan. Harapnya takdelah satu bulan, tapi kalau paling lambat, satu bulan ye Encik Danial." Wah, so berbudi bahasa man! I like! XD

Oh, and I'm going back to Kerteh tonight. Godspeed! All these road accidents happening lately are really scary, makes you wonder what is the main factor. From what I heard in the parliament, human factor is number one cause for road accidents in this country. So, what are we to do, after learning about all this? Do nothing, don't care and still drive like F1 racers? Tak peduli maut menanti!

Oh, I love the new TV commercial for the Kempen Ganyang Aedes. Gonna talk more about that later~ woooo


ps: had a great time with the gf and her cousins when they came to KL last weekend. =P

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