Monday, November 8, 2010

You Guys Better Thank Liverpool Properly Aaa! =P

Say what??! Hehehe, got that right. Should never ever lose hope. And will never walk alone hahahahah!!!! I got to know about it this morning, but since I was too sick to be bothered about it I didn't check the goal yet. But it was enough to get me liven up this morning. Hehehe..

During lunch break just now, as I was having my meal, I got to watch the the match highlights on TV1 (yeah, I know, surprisingly I rely on TV1 for sports news =P no Astro mah) and man was I delighted to see the two goals Torres scored! But the second goal was the best. You could see how the ball curled in to the goal. Woohoo!!!

First goal!

Second goal!!!

Heh, looking good man, looking good.

Oh, and congrats to Malaysian football team for securing a 2-1 win against Krygzystan in their opening match in Asian Games. I think Japan won against China 3-0? If Malaysia can play with no pressure being underdog against Japan tomorrow, perhaps the team can pull off a big upset? Hahaha, better don't be too hopeful. But I thought, you aim high you tackle high? Well, it can be the higher you fly the harder you fall too. Whichever you want it to be, hopeful pessimist or hopeless optimist..Eh..I wonder if I'm making any sense here.


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