Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Woah....What's Going On Here??

I was on facebook just now. Then I saw a friend's status "Is this WW III?" and I was like "huh??" What on earth is he talking about? And not long after that, my man Semun, whom I've mentioned a couple of time in this blog of mine, updated his status "Wish me luck".

And I thought it was because he's flying back home. So, I wished him good luck. Just now only I got his reply, and he told me, North Korea just frigging attacked South Korea!! I was like, what??!?!? YOu gotta be kidding me right? I thought all this while they are just trying to intimidate one another with all those nuke talks and what not.

So I did check BBC. True enough. According to BBC News, North Korea started the attack first, which prompted South Korea to retaliate back. Man, I wish Semun will be all safe when he gets back.

Hope it's not gonna get real ugly..

Godspeed my friend! And let's hope this madness ends in peace..though there is already one casualty...


achik ezam said...

harap2 semuanya akan ok :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

harapnya. semua perang kan tamat..aishh

~(*v*)~ily~(^v^)~ said...

harap my aunty okey di sana...huhu

murnimahyum said...

danial, tq 4 the info.
td petang tgk channel 391, 2ngu cerita korea faveret, tp xde. asyik berita korea je. tp x phm sbb xde subtitle. skang br tau kenape~ hehehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ily, harapnya rakyat, orang awam di kedua2 negara selamat, walaupun dah 2 askar s.korea terkorban.

murnimahyum, oo, subscribe channel korea tu.


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