Sunday, November 28, 2010

We Take Both - Good and Bad

"Ore, ore." Meaning, "Me, me." which means "It's me, it's me." Ore is Japanese for me, in a casual form, not so polite way because you are close to the person you're talking to. The same with Aku in Bahasa.

Anyway, not gonna teach language here. Just wanna share about this scam I just got to know happening in Malaysia. Man...Thanks to Azrul Hisham for sharing and letting us all know and aware about it. Another thing to watch out for people.

So, here how the scam works. You get a message from a number you don't have in your contact list, claiming to be your relatives - uncle, dad, brother, sister. The sender will then say, in the message, that he/she runs out of prepaid credit and is using his/her friend's handphone.

Example taken from Azrul Hisham's blog -
Ni p'cik guna kad orng,tolng isikan p'cik top up RM30 di number baru p'cik ni nom dia 0128105169,pasal p'cik ade kes di balai polis boleh tak cepat sikit beli

The smart thing is, these people, they claim to be your pakcik, not brother, or sister, why? Because more people got uncle than having brother, sister. Pretty smart.

But if you're smarter than this, you will be like -

"Bila masa aku panggil pakcik? I call all my uncles Pak Long, Pak Ngah, Pak Teh and many more Pak."


"All my family members are here in kampung what...?"
if you receive the message when everyone in your family gathered together for kenduri kahwin, for example. Hehehe

Anyway, this scam is pretty much almost similar to the way the Japanese yakuza, syndicates con the old people in Japan. Just that, they won't send the elderly a text message, but will call them. They have with them, a list of old Japanese contact details. So that's how they can get to call them. And you know what's the first thing they say when their call is answered?

No, not konichiwa or moshi moshi! It's  ORE, ORE!

Most of them the old Japanese people bought the ore ore, thinking it must be some old friends, relatives that they could not seem to remember because they got old and senile already. So most of them fell into the trap, and as the conversation went on, the caller would ask for a favour - borrow him money because economy is bad nowadays, the wife is pregnant, just got laid off, just got into a bad accident or something like that. So, the old folks, would rush out to the bank, and transfer the money to the bank account given by the caller.

Old people got their retirement money what, so that's why they have been the easy targets to be conned. To be cheated in broad daylight. Poor thing.

And in Malaysia almost the same thing, but the elderly citizens are not the target, all of us. So, watch out people. Then again, I'm pretty sure all of us are smart enough not to fall into this kind of trap. Still, be careful ya. =)


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