Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks To Insan Tinggi

Thanks to Z@ck Insan Tinggi, I got quite high traffic to my blog that day. When was it again, Monday? My mom asked me what competition that I won, because my dad told her about it. Yeah, my parents read my blog, and they check my facebook too, so mind your language people. Unless you don't give a damn about manners and all because you're too stupidly arrogant you just don't care =P

I'm going back for Deepavali. Well, not that I am going to celebrate, I mean I am going back to Kerteh since this Friday is a public holiday. This one intern from UTAR at my workplace already got her day off today hahaha lucky girl. I haven't bought the ticket back yet. Hope still got ticket tomorrow night to Kerteh or Kuantan. If not I have to take the Friday morning bus. =/

My convocation will be held next Saturday, and no, I didn't attend the one in Gippsland. My visa already expired in September and to attend the graduation in Australia I had to apply for a new visa. Visa + Ticketss = It's a whole lot of money. Though I gotta admit I was a bit jealous browsing through Alfred's and Jackie's graduation photos. Man, I would have got to meet my old housemates, close and best friends, my imoto, if I had my graduation there. But there ought to be one road not taken. What else can I say. I know some might say "rugi lah belajar jauh-jauh tak convo kat sana." I agree. And to that statement, I can only just smile. And hope that no one will ever ask that question because you don't frigging know what I've gone through. =) hehehe

Well, at least I went through a lot of gown days. Lex's, Reshme's and Yihorng's, the gf's, Ivy's Kai's and many more. Oh, I even got to attend to my best Malaysian buddy, Zoon's wedding some more! hahahaha, yeah he got married to this girl in campus too. It was a small reception but it felt so nice, so at home, so warm, because you can feel the happiness from the couple. Young couple. I went to the ceremony with a friend, and on the way there and back home, he said this too many times, "I still can't believe both of them got married"  I laughed, I kinda understand how he felt that time. Everything happened so fast, and before you knew it, this couple got married. I got to know about it when I was studying for my last paper. Zoon came by my room and we talked. It had been ages since we got some guy to guy talk LOL.

July 2007

BBQ Gathering

At Morwell National Park

Then he asked me, "When are you going back to Malaysia?" I told him, 14 Dec 2009. I was kinda shocked and in disbelief when he asked me to attend his wedding ceremony. Hahaha. And now, one month away from their first anniversary. did I end up talking about my friend's wedding??  XD

I guess that's all for now. The exercise I've been doing now is really good. Trying hard to push myself to the limit. Oh yeah~ =P

p/s:I thought of sharing some photos taken at Zoon's wedding but they are all in my external hard disk...which is in Kerteh... =___=



JaJa'Z said...

aiyakkkk..che ar baca blog hang ek..thanks God mak long ngan pak long zero knowledge about, dont ever mention about my blog ok..tapi kalau depa jumpa..nasib la...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

mention ur blog to who? mak long n pak long? jumpe2 pon jarang. satu family saya tau kak ja ada blog. dah kalau kat fb bleh nampak. =P

JaJa'Z said...

bagitau mak long pak long buat apa...depa bukan amik kesahhhh..ur parent la....maybe diaorang nampak tapi tak buka pun....

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

pernah bukak dah la. diorang tahu la, satu family kerteh tahu kak ja ada blog. =___= dunia ni kecik je kak ja, tak nak orang tahu, buat private =P

JaJa'Z said...

hhehehe..takpe2...janji jangan habaq apa2 kat akak kalau dah baca..segan sehhhhh

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

tau takpe kak ja! hahahah


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