Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Much For First Come First Serve

I remembered the time I did my enrollment for the coming semester's subjects. It was pretty much easy, I know what I should take to ensure that I completed my degree in time (it's a different thing if you keep failing your core subjects =P). I only met the course advisor once, and from then on I knew which subjects are the core ones, and electives.

And I don't really remember having any difficulty registering the subjects I want to take. I wasn't really worried about not being able to take any subject I want because too many students already, since my campus is not as big as the main campus, Clayton. I remember there were only 12 first year biotech students then. Then in second year, few of my friends changed their majors mostly because they didn't want to do the killer subject - Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, affectionately =P known as MBB, which is a core unit for third year, final year student. The prerequisite subject for MBB is another low level molecular biology subject, taken in second year. I personally think that subject in 2nd year was much tougher than MBB, maybe because I was still kinda new to all of that molecular stuffs.

Anyways, I'm blogging about this because this afternoon the two girls at my workplace was getting all worked up registering the subjects they will be taking next semester. The girls are uni students doing their industrial trainings here. They definitely had to wait for more than 2 hours before they managed to register the subjects. Though they had quite some time to do it, they didn't want to be left panicking if they register late only to find out the subjects they want to take are already full. Especially if it's a core subject. And they only managed to get the registration done because the site went down many times. The sight of "Page is not available" greeted them so many times still they didn't give up. Salute~

I was like, wah, I remember my brother experienced something like this also last time. And a colleague said last time when he was studying in a local uni he got the same problem too. Too many people on that site causing the server to go down. I never experienced a problem like this last time. Most probably because not many people in my campus, and my course too? But if combine all the Monash students from all over the world, Australian campuses, and the oversea campuses in Malaysia, South Africa and Italy, I'm pretty sure there would be many students on the registration site.

So, what could be causing such slow response? Not sure. I am no expert when it comes to broadband connection, internet connection and all those stuffs related to it so I'm not gonna say anything. Later kena tembak. I did some searching on the internet, only to find all those forum talks, bashing Malaysia =__="

Instead of bashing, criticizing and saying all the bad things about Malaysian internet connection, we can perhaps come up with a better solution. I'm pretty sure many Malaysians who are experts in this stuff are capable of contributing.


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