Friday, November 26, 2010

Saya Nak Berganda-Ganda Halim!

I didn't know I got tagged by Che Yah until McWan told me about it at my shoutbox. And McWan still wants to tag me the same tag Che Yah tagged me. Oh..a bit confusing. Simply said (not Simply Siti =P) I got the same tag from Che Yah first, and then McWan.

So here goes~ alang-alang takde idea + malas nak blog. Keletihanlah kononnya..

Am I beautiful? According to James Blunt, YES I AM!

Thanks the person who gave you this award & link them
Thanks from the bottom of my feet ( icecube1 2010) to Che Yah and McWan for giving me this award. If I receive same award from two people, does this mean I am a beautiful blogger? Heheheh XP

Spread the award to other awesome bloggers
I would love to tag Uncle Lee as well, but I doubt he is into this kind of thing. LOL  Anyways, here goes~

1. Cikgu Zul

2. Azza Zahra

3. Alina Clover

4. K.Beyazid

5. Azwan Percubaan Pertama

7 things about yourself?

- A science graduate?
- From Terengganu kite~
- Primary school in Kerteh, secondary school in K.Terengganu, SESMA - Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mahmud.
- First glance, people always think I'm unfriendly aka SOMBONG hahaha. My lady boss said the same thing when she first saw my passport photo on my CV. Now, they all said I have a baby face look =___="
Sombongkah? =P
- Love learning new languages. (lol how many times I've said this?)
- Eldest of five siblings. Mom and dad not orang Terengganu. (I think I always say this too?)
- I wanna see my other half in Singapore later badly. =P

I haven't had dinner yet, should I make fried noodle? And Blade of Glory showing on TV3 will be one funny, disgusting movie.


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