Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OHS- Occupational Hazard and Safety. Learned that last time in uni. It's common sense really, most of what I learned anyway. I mean, you definitely would be extra careful when you are using sharp knife, cutter, or surgical blade to get your work done, no?

I guess it's in human's nature to take be slacking once we get used to something. My daily task - run PCR, take samples from mushrooms, and most of the stuffs that I've already done in uni. But this time I got to do those things everyday. Hahaha, crazy, but I'm enjoying the learning process, learning experience. Anyway, yeah, so to get samples from mushrooms, need to use knife of course, because the mushrooms are not your typical stomach friendly mushrooms you can find in Giant, Tesco, Carrefour or any other markets, but the other parts of the mushrooms + preserved, frozen ones. So, cutting the mushrooms is actually one tedious job.

After 3 weeks working here, I finally got myself in a supposedly occupational accident. I poked my finger with the knife I was using just now. No blood really, just a small, red dot. I think a bit more force then blood would come out, squirting. LOL (no laughing matter dude! =P)

Anyway, I just grabbed a plaster and wrapped it around that crime scene.


I had been meaning to get myself enrolled in Emergency Aid course when I was in Gippsland but that was one of the things I didn't get to accomplish there. Maybe I can join any course/talk/lesson related to emergency aid in Malaysia eh? Let's do some google! Hmm..perubatan, kecemasan. ENTER!


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