Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Wonder...

I think I know one of the many possible reasons why I didn't feel like blogging recently. Because I left my phone memory stick at home in Kerteh! Hahahaha!

I meant to blog about my lil bro's prize giving ceremony only to find out that my memory stick is not in my phone! I must have left it in my room..Dang dang dang~

It is more convenient to snap pictures using my phone than using a compact digicam. I still can't get over the thought of people looking at me when I'm about to take pictures. So, using my handphone can at least reduce my embarassment hahaha. But really, now my blog is lacking new pictures. All are used ones or from the internet.

Not to say that I can't take pictures at all using my phone, I can but with limited storage. Only got 60MB free space. This phone only has 100MB storage I guess? Much better than my previous phone's - Motorola L6 which only had 10MB, and what worse, no slot for memory stick. So last time I had to edit few audio files just to make sure I could listen to some songs on my phone. Hahaha, sad. At least Motorola L6 got a name for itself - the first slim phone. =P

Motorol L6. Credit to whichmobile


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