Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nice Bus Is Indeed Nice

Yesterday I didn't feel like blogging. Didn't get the chance to blog, and by the time we all reached home, I was too lazy/tired to blog. =P Oh well...

I already told you guys how I ended up spending more for a bus ticket to Kuantan because that was the only bus that still had some seats left. It was an Executive coach, Nice, which is still from the same company as Plusliner only that Nice, is indeed nice. Yeah, wicked. =P

Source: Nice Online Ticket

Woo...I ate a lot already. If I knew I would get this I wouldn't have eaten roti telur!

I was indeed in need of water that day. Lack of water has caused me to have this torturing mouth ulcer. =/

See the pakcik there in grey shirt? He was the driver cum cabin attendant for the bus that night LOL "Pokcik wi air nge roti, jange gege aa" (I give you drink and buns, so don't hoohaa hoohaa ok?)

The bus was nice inside. Heck I think Nice is being underrated by its name. It should be awesome. Hahaha. Well, no wonder the price is a bit, expensive. The only time I ever took this kind of bus was when I went to Singapore some time last June. I used the Firstcoach service and it was really awesome. Almost like taking a long distance flight. The bus was equipped with inflight entertainment, well, I mean, on road entertainment? Hahaha, but you know what I mean. 4-5 hours travel to Singapore from Sunway and you got to watch 2 movies. I'd say it's a reasonable price to pay, RM45.

Jadi tukang promote Firstcoach plak. =P

But, next time, will I use Nice's service again? Maybe not to Kuantan. But KL-Penang or KL-Singapore would be nice. Since I would be able to use the on road entertainment LOL =P

Man, I want to take the night train, and now I want to take executive coach to go for trips. What's next? Pick up truck? Cruise? sounds like a good idea...


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