Saturday, November 20, 2010

Music Video of The Week - Shed A Tear (Rocketeer's Parody)

~Hear it girl~
~Can't you see~
~That we're tough guys and we have feeling~
~Take my hand, close your eyes~
~With you right here, Imma shed a tear and..~


Rocketeer by the Far East Movement

LOL the song is as catchy as the original song "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement, but it's funny. That's the plus.

My YouTube homepage

I don't know why lately I love watching all these stuffs on YouTube. Oh, I'm pretty sure most of you guys know about these two Mat Sallehs LOL - Ben Bradshaw aka Baca aka Gigi Putih, and also Paku dan Belacan, on YouTube. I enjoy watching their videos too. Well, got YouTubers that I subscribe to, Baba Ali, to name one of the many. =P

Have a good weekend guys!

ps: Go Malaysia!!


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