Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Music Video of The Week - Kedua (Drive)

~kujadikan kau yang kedua~
~tak bererti tak cinta~
~aku dan dia, hanya sementara~

"What the?" was the first thing that came to my mind when I first listened to the song. I was introduced to the song by my housemate who is from Indonesia - Dicky. The song sounds good alright, catchy, and the MV is decently funny in a way, to me at least.

But, the lyric of the song, man, girls won't like it I reckon. Unless those girls are okay being the second girlfriend to they guy. Sounds to me like the guy is having an affair with this 'gadis kedua' and trying to sweet talk the second girl to be patient, that he and the first girl are just 'sementara'. WTH?

Then again if you look at it from another angle, it sounds like what the singer is trying to say is, how naive a girl can be, and how greedy a guy can be too that he still wants to keep the girl by his side.

Sudah kukatakan
Aku ingin
Tak sendiri
Telah kuungkapkan

Kujadikan kau yang kedua
Tak berarti tak cinta
Aku dan dia hanya sementara

Jujur kutak tahan
Saat ini kumasih dengannya

Terlalu kau inginkan aku
Disisimu selalu hanya untukmu


Tak perlu lagi kau pertanyakan
Hatiku hanya untukmu
Berikan waktu, jadikan engkau satu-satunya.
Source: Rizkyonline

The lead singer of Drive
I don't know how come I feel like blogging about this song. Maybe because of a post in a blog I came across while I was blogwalking. The girl was like content to be with the guy she likes even though she knows the guy already got a girlfriend, and she's fine being number two, entertaining the guy when they guy calls her. Well, sounds like a TTM (teman tapi mesra?). Lucky she's not messing around with married guy, if not she would have got lots of attention, and nasty comments too perhaps?

Hehehe, enjoy the MV guys~ 

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