Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm so outdated haha more like lazy =P Last Saturday when I went back to Kerteh, that night me, my lil bro and my sister went to watch Megamind at Mesra Mall. The boy was really excited. When my mom said that he got school tomorrow and cannot go to the movie, he was all pouting. LOL Well, the perk of being the youngest child? Hehe. So we did go to the mall and watch the movie.

Looking at the movie posters in the cinema.

Excited to get a large popcorn while watching the movie.

See, how excited he was. LOL

Time for Megamind!

Megamind was okay. Funny most of the time. But to me the best animation movie for this year would still be Toy Story 3 haha. I remember many guy friends posted on fb that they teared up a bit at the last scene. Man, that last scene in Toy Story 3 was sad and touching indeed. 

Oh and I'm in Kerteh right now, gonna attend the lil bro's prize giving ceremony. He missed his Sekolah Agama's ceremony yesterday since it was my convocation yesterday. Hehe so today I'm gonna be at his prize giving ceremony at his school.

Salam, jaa, mata ne



cahayasuci said...

congratulation pour your convo...=P
i didn't know till adib text me last night..=P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

thanks =)


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