Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lee Chong Wei Lost To Super Dan

Yeah, a bit disappointed but at least it was not as bad as their last meeting in final Olympic game in Beijing 2008. The match then was totally one sided. This one just now, was okay. The Chinese stays undefeated, and untouched in his home soil. Damn, damn damn...

Anyway, Datuk (or is it Dato'?) Lee Chong Wei, it's all good. Thanks for trying very hard to get that gold medal and win against Lin Dan. I must say it was a good tactic trying to change the shuttles, delaying the game just to get on Lin Dan's nerves. Though at the end we all can only be happy with another silver medal from the badminton event.

Congratulations nevertheless for the silver medal Lee Chong Wei! =)



munna said...

Perak pun kira oklah... nak lawan lin dan kat negara sendiri mmg byk tekanan buat datuk lee chong wei

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

benar tu. lagipon die selesema dari first dy badminton lagi. takpe, tetap sokong Datuk Lee Chong Wei senantiasa! woohoo~

carlos said...

How can you be such an hypocrite?
Like if lin dan was the honest player in the world.


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