Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Night, In Balakong Jaya

It was around 11ish pm when suddenly everything became so dark I couldn't see a thing. I thought the housemates didn't pay last month's electricity bill, that's why kena potong one. Sekali the whole Balakong area was in the dark too. Not only my unit, not only my block and not only my apartment. Me and the housemate were like, wah, this is crazy. It looked like the other neighbouring areas also got affected. Curious, I updated my status on fb, sent text messages to my friend who is staying in Seri Kembangan and my adik in Terengganu also LOL asking them if got blackout.

Because I thought it would be like the last time when the whole Malaysia was in the dark. That was insane!! So I thought history repeated itself last night. My housemate joked that we were actually under attack by terrorists. =__="

Anyway, yeah, saw some camera flash, very bright. So I thought should give a my handphone camera a try...and here is the result....

Epic fail. Nothing captured. Total darkness!

Almost an hour after that, the power was back on! Before that, me and the housemate couldn't sleep, and had to leave the doors open so that we could feel the breeze from outside.

Last night's ordeal LOL got me thinking how I took this small thing - electricity for granted. Just because it has always been here and there, around me. I wonder what other small things that are actually big, and precious that I'm taking for granted too. Wouldn't it be a bit too tragic and sad that you only realised it when that small thing is gone, and it can't come back on, like the electricity.

So, don't take things for granted. We often overlook the small things, the things close to us, in front of us. Okay? =D


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