Thursday, November 18, 2010

Got Two Myvis and A Polo In The Lab

I was moving one big lab equipment over from one side of the lab to the other side and when I put it on the bench, my colleagues asked me, if I know the price of that equipment. I know it must be expensive, just that I didn't know how expensive is that expensive. Get me?

"It's the same price as Myvi you know." I was freaking out and was relieved that they told me about it after I was done moving that big machine. Man, I would be so nervous and too careful not to drop it had I known about that fact, that I might end up dropping it! 0____0"

That was one Myvi. There are two new microscopes now in the lab, and they cost almost the same as Myvi, or maybe half of a Myvi. Crazy. In this lab I'm working in, there are Polos, Myvis, and even a big house. Scary workplace. Need to get  used to working life. Last time in uni, the worst thing one might have broken is the glassware only. LOL but now, break that machine, you're dead. Break that glass jar, one month salary gone~ @____@

It's one scary world out here... =P



JaJa'Z said...

hehhehe..kena extra careful la ek..kalau tak...'toyota wish' melayang...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

nyawa pon boleh melayang kot. =P


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