Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday Is A New Day

No, I'm not gonna sing P.O.D's Alive. Though every time the song comes to my head I would smile, reminiscing the good old days in SESMA, when I was first introduced to P.O.D by my double-decker mate, Nazirul Azam. Speaking of Nazirul (as I affectionately call him LOL everyone else calls him Aje) I ran into him last month at Mesra Mall. Was a pleasant surprise to see him after SPM. I didn't see him when I went to get my SPM result.

P.O.D. I wonder how did we the high school students get to listen to this kind of songs last time..=P

Oh, looks like I got off topic again. Typical Danial. Work has been so good. Everyday I learn new stuff. All the things I learned in uni just came back to me as I work through the experiments, protocols. Man, how I wish I had done summer project in Monash Gippsland last time. Hahah =P

And today this colleague sent me back home. LOL funny considering my house is just 3 minutes walking distance from the workplace. At first I politely declined her good intention but she insisted so I just got into the car. Really thankful to be working in an environment where everyone is not as kiasu as I thought city folks would be. Well, come to think of it, none of us are originally from KL. Ipoh, JB, Melaka, Kedah and me the only one sesat from Terengganu.

That's all I guess for now. Now that I'm feeling way better, (thank you Allah) gonna update the blog more often soooooonn!!!


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