Monday, November 22, 2010

Everybody's Changing

Ah, don't worry, I'm not gonna post up the official MV of the song here. I already did that. Though I was considering of sharing it here just now but naah. Too much of Keane's songs is not good hahaha.

True enough everybody's changing. Your best, old friend from primary school, secondary school, they all will change over time. Especially if you haven't met them for long time. Former lovers or in my case, former crushes hahaha, most of them change, appearance wise, not much but the maturity, yeah most likely. Or if you're married, your partner might have changed a lil' bit. If last time before you got married to your partner, you both were all fun, open to new things, but once you guys tied the knots, things start to get dull, bored. Or just the same. No excitement. No more mushy, lovey dovey talks, smses, fb comments on walls that drove other people off the wall because of the cheesiness. Heh.

Perhaps, your siblings have changed too. Especially if you rarely spent most of your time home; boarding school, hostel, divorced parents, orphans. If the changes made these people you know to be better persons, then you should be happy for them. But some part of you still want, yearn for the good old time, when things were just nice, (to you, at least) every thing was in its place.

At that moment when you are longing for those good old days, you would tell yourself, to heck with what the outsiders think, I don't care if I would look childish, stupid, impatient, cheesy, corny, boring, or too uptight, you just want to be back to those time.

Too bad, everybody's changing, and every thing's changing too. Suck it up, people. Heh.


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