Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ever Wonder Why?

Ever wonder why you still don't get what you want? Have you ever tried hard thinking about why, why why??

There could be one of many answers, which might be true to almost all of us. It's because, we don't really know what we want. How do you expect to achieve something, to have something, to be someone, if you don't even know what you want in the first place?

Check this out - you're in a restaurant, and you tell a waiter that you want to eat food, he will definitely go "Duh, that's why you are here, no?" But of course he won't probably do that because he doesn't want to offend you, hurt your feeling. =P

Then you get angry and upset because you still don't get your food, why? Because you never specifically say, I want to eat this food - bibimbab (for example, because I'm craving for one =P). You keep on saying, I wanna eat food I wanna eat food I wanna eat food like a parrot gitu.

You say you wanna be rich. But you never really have a plan, at least an image in your head, what kind of rich life you want to live, and when will that be? You can always say, I wanna get rich, but everyday you spend like as if you got to keep the old money notes that are about to be destroyed. Reminds me of these 3 women in this movie - Mad Money.

That should be a reminder for me. If I still haven't got what I want, chances are it's probably because I never say, specifically what do I want. How about you guys?

Keputusan cemerlang? Apa tu? 

Tell me what do you mean by keputusan cemerlang? Straight A+? Few A+?
Different people may see, understand, perceive things differently than we do.


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