Sunday, November 21, 2010

Depending On Which Angle You Look At It

On Friday, two cleaners came to my workplace of course to clean up the place. I am not so clear on who or which cleaning company sent the cleaners who did the cleaning before but every week the cleaners won't be the same people. One thing for sure, most of them are non Malaysians.

I'm pretty much okay with anyone as long as they are not causing any trouble to me. Well, it's not like the cleaners on Friday caused any trouble anyway. It's just that one of the cleaners, she looked very young. I didn't notice that at first until my two colleagues asked me to guess how old the girl might be. I had a look and she looked very very young. Apparently she's just 19. And guess what? She's from Cambodia and had very limited Malay, English vocabularies. My colleagues were like all laughing because they had to resort to sign language to communicate with the girls that it just got ridiculously funny.

All jokes aside, I wonder how on earth did she get into Malaysia anyway? The girl did mention that her mother is working here also. Are they refugees seeking shelter in Malaysia? Do they have all the paperworks to work in Malaysia? Who are these people or the company that has been sending different cleaners which most of the time are foreign workers who can't communicate well to our workplace? Man, so many questions, but I guess I ought to relax a lil' bit. Besides, I can't possibly do anything even if I know that something is not right.

That's how the world works anyway.


Zullism said...

ingat slogan ni danial "kami benci rasuah"....:) kami benci jer tapi orang bagi kami ambik heheh

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah, begitu ke rupanya..hahah =___=


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