Thursday, November 25, 2010

Craving Is A Privilege Everyone Can Afford To Have =P

Ever since I got back from Australia, I haven't really got the chance to cook like last time in Gippsland. Yeah, I know the food is extra good here, halal places everywhere, and way cheaper than the foods in Australia, so wouldn't it be troublesome for me to cook my own meal when I can just get the food anywhere here in Malaysia, correct?

Wrong~ hahaha, if I cook my own meal I won't gain weight that easily, and it would be much cheaper too. Of all the many things I used in my cooking, I miss button mushrooms the most. Aka cendawan butang.

Credit to Besut Agro Enterprise

Perhaps I didn't use my eyes correctly all the time I went to Giant, Tesco looking for the mushrooms, but I haven't come across any of that. Of course got the canned ones, but I don't want that. Hahaha, choosy. What to do, all those time I was in Gippsland I got used to buying the button mushrooms fresh (well, at least most of the mushrooms were not in cans). I'd love to have those mushrooms in my omelet. Sometimes, in my baked rice, topped with grated cheese before the baking in the oven.

Now that I am working in a place that is mostly producing mushrooms (though they are Tiger Milk Mushrooms, not button mushrooms), I am craving for it more! So, anyone has come across fresh button mushrooms in any markets? And please, don't point me to the canned button mushrooms.

Or should I grow them myself? Hahaha joker, can't grow in Malaysia's temperature. I remember first year biotech project, we all tried to grow mushrooms, using compost that the lecturer bought very cheap, it was on offer, she said. Turned out no mushrooms grew, well it was really slow, that the lecturer decided we could just abandon the project, and I'm pretty sure all of us got full marks for our project? LOL

In case some people don't know, champignon is another name for button mushroom, in French. So, same thing.

Source: Champ Fungi, Besut Agro Enterprise, How To Grow Button Mushrooms


Azza Zahra. said...

Shout: Saya suka blog awaklah! (:

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh, terima kasih. =D


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