Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking News!

You guys (most Malaysians) surely know this guy, Fazley?

Masa muda-muda dulu. Taken from
I just read this article at that his Master's and PhD's degrees are fakes? It was revealed by BBC that is the reason the collaboration between his company FIC and University of Wales.

Fazley said he has stopped using the title 'Dr' after suspecting something is wrong with the institution that he got his degress from.

Man, whatever that is, I hope things are going to be alright for him. I can just imagine how frustrating, depressing it is to know all your long, hard works are for nothing. I just hope Monash University won't go bad that its credibility will be questioned in the future.

Hmmm, more stories on this here. (But that link was old story, 2008.) I only rely on online newspaper nowadays. And blogs too.


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