Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Best!

Eh, I thought the machine has done its work already, but still got halfway to go. Might as well blog right? Hahahahah =P What should I blog about? I wanna blog about "Blog Best!"

Yeah, I have a lot of blogs that I follow, and these blogs that I follow, really are the best of the best. Not all blogs are of the same kind of contents or owned by bloggers that have almost the same personality. Each one of them is different. And that's what makes it unique. I would love to list all the blogs that I deem the best, but I guess I should list one at a time. So, this will be my blog's new segment wahahahah! I already have Music Videos of the Week, Funny and Cool Pics..wait, I haven't done "Funny and Cool Pics" for months already! Well, part of the reasons is it's too hard to get pics that can make most people laugh. And since I'm not most people, my sense of humor is a bit weird and odd too, to some people. Like th gf sometimes will just look at me after I told her some jokes. LAWAK TAK JADI!

Perhaps because I always speak fast whenever I tell jokes... =___="

Kantoi tengah blogging!! 

I think I should turn off my laptop, the fella is making too much noise. What can you expect from a very ancient laptop. But it has been by my side for almost 3 years. Good job beteh~  =P



a's said...

brilliant idea!you can continuously update you blog 24/

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

naah, i prefer not to. only today i got to chance to blog at work. all this while ive been using auto publish. =P


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