Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Am I Awesome Or What?

Right now on TV3 got this malay drama, Asmara. I don't really know what the story is all about, but I was watching just now hahah until something pretty cooool happened! Hahaha

The main character, Asmara, and his wife I dono what's her name, ran away from her parent's house to his grandma's. When he reached the grandma's place, he greeted the grandma and introduced his wife to the grandma, probably because she hasn't met the wife, or wasn't invited to their wedding, I don't know haha. Anyway, the wife was so frigging rude to the grandma. Never gave salam, or salam the grandma, or even smile to the grandma. She even raised her voice against Asmara. WTH right??

Credit to Cikgu Dahlia.

When they got into the house leaving the grandma at the entrance door, I said, "Cantik budi bahasa dia!" and I was about to go in my room when I heard

"Cantik budi bahasa dia!"

Asmara's grandma also said the same line I just said seconds before that! Like right after I said the line, she said it too. Hahaha how cool was that!  XP



JaJa'Z said...

akak tak pernah tgk citer tu..hehhe tp yg akak tau..asmara tu terpaksa kawen jd pak sanggup sebab that girl dah mengandung...pastu tak tau dah..

Fathiah Jasni said...

ouh my.. you spoiled my eagerness, danial! haha..
i've been following the drama since yesterday and did all the catch up at managed to watch all 8 episodes minus this one within a day..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ooo gitu. mesti baca sinopsis kat blog sapa2 ni. haha. layan je apa ada kat tv tadi. sekarang ni masa untuk study. cewahh! XD

mcwan, my bad! hehehe,don worry, i din say much also what. hahaha, happy viewing~ =)


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