Sunday, November 14, 2010

After 11 Months

So, it was my convocation yesterday. My parents were not that happy the fact that it was held quite late in the evening, 6.00pm. Well, what can we do, Monash is a tad different. Imma cut the entry this time short and just posted up pictures. Hehehe. *YOU LAZY BUM DANIAL!* 

And the next day (today) is his Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Not convocation yet bro, still long way to go.

Choosing which photo package to take.

The Graduation Program

Didn't know there were many biotech students in Sunway Campus. Apparently only me and this one girl from Clayton were the non-Sunway students =P

Kinda like the silver theme. Woo~

VVIP, right on time man. And such short speech from them too which left my parents impressed with how smooth the whole event progressed.

So, here is the cert?

Waiting for my turn to take the photos.

Man, I need to lose some more weight. Need to have that 'drug addict' face back!

With my dad and mom. Still got more pictures from the camera and my dad's phone.

Yeah, you can get one too, but study hard aite? =)

My mom really wants to have a photo shoot of us one whole family. Adib wasn't there yesterday and the big guy too. So when my mom found out that we all can have an appointment at the shop for the photo shoot, my mom got all excited. I thought it would be nice to wait until Adib finished his study which will be next year. Then it would be awesome to have us two brothers holding our degrees hahaha XD

Man, I wasn't actually looking forward to the ceremony yesterday but as I was in the hall, witnessing how grandiose the event was, it got me thinking, yeah, this is one memorable event and I changed my mind about convocation. Haha, it would have been much better I reckon if I had my convo in Gippsland. Man..I miss my uni life. =)



JaJa'Z said...

kalau dapat convo kat Aussie..sure lagi bet kan....

molmolla said...

tahniah beb!!!! :D

Azza Zahra said...


fariehan ibrahim said...

ouch, biotech student er,
congrate2 bro~! XD

achik ezam said...

jam 6pm????gilerrrr petanggg...

and haahlah tembam sket but biasalah tu..happy..hehehe

congrats btw!!!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

kak ja, lagi best sebab dapat tangkap gambar sama lecturers,labs,member2 kamcing housemates teammates dan ramai lagi. ah takpe la, takde rezeki. heee

Thanks Molmolla,Azza Zahra, and Fariehan. kenapa Ouch plak? haha

achik ezam, Thanks! =)
pagi nye budak2 faculty business tu pasal. haha tembam gile amat ni, tak boleh dibiarkan melarat! =P said...

first congrats!
2nd, yeah, nampak sikit tembam bila senyum.hahaha. anyway, better camni dari gambar drug addict aritu. :P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahha pulak! rasanya gambar drug addict lagi smart bergaya macho hahahaha masuk bakul angkat sendiri plak! XP

Thanks anyway =D


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