Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 Red Cards?!?!??

Double agony - Single joy = Single agony, meaning agony wins! Well, agony is a bit exaggerating, but man, I can't believe Lee Chong Wei lost to Boonsak! Because of that Malaysia failed to go to Semi Final!!!!!
And Malaysia football team lost 3-0 to China, because I heard 3 Malaysians were sent off the field??!?! What the heck? Got to know about it when I checked my email this morning, just now only.

So, I went to selangor2u and watched the three videos showing the 3 players got sent off. I seriously believe the way the referee was umpiring the match was a bit one sided? The first yellow card to Mahali in the first minute was really not the right call though the second one yeah, for kicking the ball of instead of giving it back to the chinese player for throw in. But I don't understand for what reason Safiq Rahim was sent off too. And the second yellow card to Kunalan was really uncalled for man! It wasn't even him who got the chinese player down in the box. And I thought that kind of fall in the box is pretty common in EPL? Oh, I forgot, this is not EPL we're talking about. =___=

Source: Selangor2u
I know the Malaysians could give a really good fight, I can see that. Man, it is frustrating to lose, but if a team loses because of its players own weakness, it's something that can be worked on. But if lose because of things beyond the team's control - the match officials, what else can you do??

Congratulations anyway to China for qualifying to the next round.

Now I wonder what happened to Lee Chong Wei....


Anonymous said...

say no to referee...hehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha..kalau no referee jadi lagi teruk dari ragbi plak. =P


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