Thursday, November 11, 2010


I once watched this Korean drama, very old drama, courtesy of my bff Greenie. The main actor was the same guy in My Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. Anyway, it was from this drama I learned that if you look at the time and it shows 11:11, someone is missing you. I was like, what? Whoever came up with that has given lonely people a thing to feel good for every time it's 11:10, they will wait and turn to see the time one minute after that. hahaha =P

The guy I was talking about. I used to be so crazy for that actress. So cute..hahaha. But now I'm not into this kind of Korean dramas. Recently I watched Slave Hunters. The only Korean drama I watched in 2 years?

Today's date is 11 November 2010. Next year, there will probably be many weddings held on 11 November 2011. Pretty cool, no? I know I still got looonngg way to go. I don't think I should talk about this on my blog hahaha, change topic. =P

Better still, let's go exercise! yeay! XD


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