Friday, October 29, 2010

You Learn Something New~ =P

There's no fridge in this house. And I don't intend to get one too though I am tempted to do so. But I should really save up lotsa money. Anyway, because there's no fridge, the apple juice I bought got invaded by the ants. Luckily the ants weren't able to get in, only at the side. I really didn't know how to get those ants off my drink. Then I remember how my bro Adib used to filled up the tray with a bit of water because last time in our house, the ants for no reason get into our drinking water jugs. So I tried that out.

I used plate though. =P Filled the plate with some water and placed the drink there.

Hehehe, so far those nasty insects haven't got to do anything. Unless they creep up all the way to the ceiling and jump down exactly above the drink. Hahahaha, as if they will do that..they won't do that, right? =____="



JaJa'Z said...

akak selau gak buat..nak2 plak kalau musim semut dok gila merayap..kalau hurung kat lauk yg tak tahan..habis semua kena buang..sakit jek hati..kalau air..akak pernah buat mcm tu..letak air sket dalam pinggan..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha. ye kan. at least rumah kak ja ada la peti ais. =P


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