Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Again?


Pretty sure most of you have heard, known of this movie coming some time next week. I saw a contest organised by Nuffnang where bloggers need to blog about someone they didn't like in the past, in high school or primary school perhaps. Maybe in college doing pre-U, or in university too.

When I first watched the trailer, it really reminded me of a lot of my high school seniors. For those who just started reading my blog, I was once a student in a boarding school in Kuala Terengganu. 2 hours drive from my home in Kerteh. Everyone is well aware the youngest students in hostel will always get picked on. If you're fat, you would be spotted easier. LOL true story. I was one chubby, fat boy last time. You couldn't even see my neck!

12 years old

So, back in my school, got this tradition sort of, students that are 2 years senior of your batch would pick on you more frequently than other seniors. I don't know why but I guess that was the way I saw it. Seniors who were 4 and 3 years older than us didn't really bully us that much, they usually played around with us, borrowed our comics, games and sometimes ask us to massage by stepping on their backs. The things that us juniors didn't like to do - go buy foods or drinks at the canteen for seniors, take extra food which is referred to as 'square', from the dining hall and iron their school uniforms. Hahaha.

Well, among of all the seniors who used to 'ragging' me was this senior 2 years older than me. Actually now that I think about it, I don't really remember what was his nickname last time in high school but let's call him Ridhuan K. I think most of my high school mates would recognise him LOL.

As far as I remember, ever since he was there, I was never happy with him. He acted all big and cocky whenever he was with his gang. I was his errand boy for a lot of times. But there was this one incident that got me all pissed off and vengeful at him was during lunch time after school..I guess? Life at boarding school really taught most students to be grateful with every thing you have; foods. drinks, clothes, money. So, imagine a hot sunny day, and students trying hard not to spend on drinks from canteen. I think that afternoon the drink served was something different, not plain water. Something cold, iced syrup perhaps. Or iced barley?

And the meal served that time was one of students favourites. I already got all of my meals. As me and my friends were about to sit down, that guy came with his gang, from the back of the line, not queuing just cut the line like that. He was walking towards the line when he saw my glass of cold drink and he looked at me, -
and he just grabbed the glass and gulped down the drink. I just looked at him, with this shocked look in my eyes, disbelieved with what just happened.

He never even said a word, never even asked if he could have a sip, or perhaps the whole glass to himself. And he never said "thanks", nor did he look at me. As if I was invisible. And he just walked away just like that.

My friends just looked at me and waited for my next move. I was so mad but since I was his junior I didn't have much to do. Felt like I was at the bottom of the caste at the time. Yeah, maybe no big deal since I could just go and fill it up my glass again. But no senior had ever done that. Even the most feared seniors would only ask juniors to go fill up their drinks.

Ever since then, I couldn't even look at him in the eyes. I tried to avoid him perhaps because I was scared that I might lose it and beat him and that would lead to more problems, or maybe I was just plain scared. Hahhahha

So, when he left the school in 2002, I was pretty much relieved. Phewww~

I never thought I would see him again when I attended the Petronas Educamp in 2005 for Petronas scholarship. I was really shocked to see him. All those horrible (well, to a 13-15 years old Danial, it was horrible) things I experienced when he was around came playing back in my head. But I guess, everyone changes. That time when I saw him, he came to meet my high school friend and I happened to be there. He had changed. I don't know if he still remember all the things he did to me last time when we met. I didn't know that he was a student there in UTP. And that he was then a changed man. Totally different. If last time in high school he was always loud and said all those !@$%^& but he had changed.
SPM 2004.
Yeah, I thought he was just acting in front of his old victim LOL like the cheerleader in "You Again". But the last time I heard, he already got married and I did read his blog, and the way he blogged, totally not the same Ridhuan K I know when I was in high school.

And before I left for Australia I think, I saw him outside a shop in Bandar Baru Kerteh. He was wearing his Petronas uniform. Yeah, I guess that was bound to happen since he is bonded to Petronas. Anyway, that was all old story. I forgave him what he did back then and got over it already. Besides, I don't really have the energy to be full of vengeance and plan a get-back time. Hahaha!

Though I know girls might take things real hard. Hahaha. Proof? This movie tells it all. LOL
I am looking forward to watch this movie. Ah, no, I am not taking part in Nuffnang contest. Just thought I could share some of my stories here.

How about you readers? Any experience with bullies at school? Or workplace even. XP



mizz sue said...

amboi..cute gambr spm tu

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hhaha gambar zaman muda remaja =P

JaJa'Z said...

mujur la zaman akak dok sekolah memang takde buli2 nih..lagi pun we all yang seniornya..first batch of the school..bebudak lelaki tak tau lah..selalunya geng2 pompuan ni tak terkenal dengan kes2 buli..tapi kalau jd mcm Dan tu..memang angin laaaaaa

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahha sekolah saya sekolah lama memang ada la benda2 macam ni. tradisi gitu. sekarang tak tahu la. perempuan punye ragging ada jugak, tapi saya tak tahu sangat hehe.tapi pengalaman2 dulu tu yang menjadikan saya danial hari ini chewaahh =P

WenYi said...

lol. you should just take part in the contest and watch the movie for free. haha.

btw, man u WERE chubby!
and yes, ladies have a harder time forgetting and forgiving..or maybe it's just

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahah im still in terengganu. probably will be in kl next week to search for place to stay =P

lol i was chubby last time. that's why trying hard not to go back to the old road. =P yeah, i guess most women are like that. heh. dont worry, it's a girl thing XD


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