Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's For Breakfast?

Well, I'm not hungry but skipping breakfast is a no no. Even if you want to lose weight. Nestum should be nice. Or Nasi Lemak.. One thing for sure, I'm losing my 'appetite' to blog. =P
Australians love this! Oh, and vegemite too. =P

This is vegemite. Most international students don't like it. Because it tastes bitter. Well, it's a yeast extract! 

Back in Gippsland (here he goes again with Gippsland) I used to eat Weetbix with banana every morning. 2 or 3 bars of Weetbix, with sliced banana. Really a good start for the day. I guess that's how I managed to lose weight and stay healthy. Not to mention all the badminton and basketball, oh and sometimes tennis too. Working out in the gym was really nice. I really felt good that time. Though I was physically fit, but my hair wasn't LOL I kept my hair really long so in a way people only noticed my hair, not my body XP

Okay, so what to do this morning? Clean up the room again?



[z@ck] said...

hahaha..betul.tak pernah beli pun sebab tak tahu rasa dia macam mana =P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

housemate kasi try, perghh..seksa betul nak bagi habis... =___="


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