Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Cooking Man?

Pretty much a slow day today for me, bloggically speaking. Okay, that is grammatically wrong, I just made that word up. What I mean, today I got nothing much to blog about. Yeah, I do have that Singapore trip to talk about. But that can wait a few more hours I guess. It has already been on that waiting list for almost a month already anyway XP

I'm still looking for a place to stay. I got few potential houses. And yeah, gonna live with strangers, total strangers. My cousin's place is already packed to the rafters so wouldn't be a good idea to stay there. Would love to stay alone, you know rent a place all to myself, but my mom asked me
Berani ke nak tinggal sorang?
Then I got scared thinking of all the crimes that have been happening quite frequent lately. Oh, and the thought of ghost too. Not that I'm really scared of ghost but I'd rather not having any encounter with those creatures.

Have to bear with this for few months. Once I get a permanent job, perhaps I will rent a place somewhere, all to myself. Huahuahauh!

Though I have few plans - Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.
Plan A is usually the best plan but to me, there's no preference. Any of these three plans sounds good to me. Plan A, after my graduation this coming November, I'm gonna submit a copy of my graduate cert to JPA. If I got called up to work in the goverment sector, I have to go for it. Working with the government has its pros and cons. At least, that's what I learned from forums, friends, and other bloggers. Maybe I can blog about this later on! YEAY! Ada topik baru! XP 
And if I will be working in the government sector, I'm planning to further my study in local uni. Hey, local unis are not that bad. Though I think they really need to work on their websites. The official websites for most local unis are really, not that user friendly. And not much info either. No offense but I guess that must be pretty offensive XP

Plan B, if I didn't get called up by JPA, and after my contract expires, I'm going to get another better job, since now I already got experience though it will only be a 6 months experience. Perhaps can try my luck in Singapore? 

Plan C, during my 6 months stint I will learn what I can from Dr. Tan. He has PhD, majoring in genetic modifications. I'm pretty sure I can learn a lot from him, like how to write a proposal thesis to do masters, or PhD. Who knows, along the way I may get to know some great people in this science industry?

Wow, I'm late. Gotta fetch my lil bro now. Salam~


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