Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What A Day

Did I tell you guys before that I've been learning Japanese again? Yeah, after totally abandoning my self-taught Japanese lesson 4 years ago, I took the class up again few weeks back. So far so good. What? You ask me how is it possible to learn by yourself? Of course I don't learn just like that. I learn with the help of books, and internet. With internet anything is possible really. Hehe. Well, almost everything. Because there are certain things you can't learn on the internet, and if you still key in those forbidden-yet-not-that-many-people-know-about-it words, chances are your house will be raided by the Feds/CIA/Interpol in an hour or so. Hahaha, I'm not gonna disclose it here. I still wanna live.

Anyway, yeah, my Japanese class has been awesome. =P The thing is I'm a Jdorama fan and manga fan (I don't watch anime that much though I love Gintama anime and School Rumble LOL) and learning Japanese has gotten easier because of that. Oh, the girlfriend thought those who like anime and manga are total dork. But she said I'm an exception. I sure hope it will stay that way. Heh. She's not a fan of Jdorama too because she watched the Hana Yori Dango - the Japanese version of Boys Before Flowers which was released earlier than the Korean version, and she doesn't like the casts for that Jdorama. Korean one is much better, according to her. What to do, Korean guys and girls all leng lui, leng chai. 

Well, I'm not gonna ramble LOL anymore and let's get to the point. My Blogger pics uploader has failed on me, but I still can share YouTube videos hehehhe. Check this out - Jinnai Tomonori! He's really funny I tell you. I got to know him when I first watched this video posted on Facebook

You guys should really watch it!! Worth the time. Makes you laugh. But of course don't laugh too hard. Not good, plus it's already late at night, your neigbour's kids have to wake up early for school tomorrow. So, just gelak dalam hati boleh? =P

Got other more videos on YouTube, just search for Jinnai Tomonori. hahhaha. Joker la this guy. His jokes are not stupid. In Malaysia, at the moment I like Zizan Raja Lawak. Man, that guy, making joke and people laugh is like his job since he was born LOL wth.

Anyway, to make your life easier, here's the link to Jinnai Tomonori, with English subs some more. If you want subs for other language, I wish you good luck in your quest. =P

That's all folks. I'm not going to bed yet, but, oyasumi nasai~
(meaning good night)


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