Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wah..tag kali ini datangnya dari fariehan~ Pink tu. Hahaha..takpe lah, breast cancer awareness month punya pasal. Hehehe, camni lagi ok daripada buat status Fb "I like it on the floor" lah, "I like it on the table" lah. LOL

Jadinya, inilah tag yang pertama untuk blog ini setelah sekian lamanya. (Lama ke? =P)

Once u have been tagged,u are supposed to write a note with 25 things,fact,habits or goal about you..
at the end choose 20 people to be tagged..u have to tagged people who tagged u..
if i tag u ots because i want to know more about u..
(Not gonna tell my habits hahaha)

.Fact - Was born in KL but grew up in many places before finally settling down in Kerteh, Terengganu.

.Thing? - I don't really have any food that I don't like to eat, as long as it is Halal for me to eat.

.Thing - I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid. I would love to now but kinda late. =P

.Fact - I was really chubby last time (I think you guys are sick of hearing this already LOL).

.Fact - 5 siblings, am the eldest.

.Fact - again I'm telling you guys here, my parents are not from Terengganu. Err..when was the last time I said that? XP.

.Goal - I want to travel to Turkey and Japan. Don't know when yet. Probably ask my siblings to follow me? Or go honeymoon there LOL (bii, don't get blushed =P).

.Thing? - Used to watch and love koream drama but now not anymore. The recent one I watched was "The Slave Hunter".

.Thing? - I need time to get used to other people. Might be a bit reserved and a bit shy too (LOL).

.Goal - I want my kids to be national badminton players. Possible or not ah? (bii, don't smile =P).

.Thing? - I wish I can live a bit longer to learn all the things in the world. Yeah, greedy I know.

.Thing? - I don't know why but I'm kinda open to befriend anyone regardless of one's religion, skin colours, race.

.Thing? - I find myself having trouble getting closer to older people LOL like seniors.

.Fact - in a relationship.

.Fact - the gf from Singapore woot~.

Fact - I just started my first job 2 days ago! XD

.Fact - I could draw really well last time but after high school, I can't draw anymore.. =P.

.Thing? - I wanna go take shower now LOL jks.

.Fact - Love learning new languages.

.Goal - Planning to learn French again, master Japanese, learn a bit of Cantonese (spoken) and learn Arabic. Perhaps if still got the passion, I want to learn German too. heheh

.Fact - I love to cooking

.Thing? - I need to get ready now.

.Fact - I fell down from leve 2 of a flat when I was 6 yrs old. hehehe.

.Fact - Not used to KL's traffic jam. =P

.Fact - Used to being away from the family.

.And I am legend.


DONE (!)

I'll tag later! Thanks  fariehan



ChiLaBaey's Spot said...

Kali pertama masuk ke blog awak ni... Nice blog...

Jom join contest saya... Tarikh tutup tak lama lagi ni... Hadiah best... :)

fariehan ibrahim said...

u've done bro~! *clap3* XD

.Goal - I want my kids to be national badminton players. Possible or not ah? (bii, don't smile =P).
i like dis! hahaa
aminn~ ^^

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

Chilabaey's, Insya Allah akan ke blog anda. kalau rasa macam boleh nak menang,akan saya join. =D

fariehan, terima kasih. amin~ =)


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