Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip To Singapore - Jalan-jalan Raya! XD

So, the final part of my Trip to Singapore. Started at her friend's who has also become my friend's LOL place. I went there with my friends Watt and Fareed, that let me stay at their place during my trip there to Singapore. So, off we went to our first pit stop, Nat's house.
We were there early because we planned to have a combined birthday parties, one was a belated birthday for the gf, and the other one is the coming birthday for the other friend, Wina. 

As usual, I prefer to let the pictures do the talking. =P

This is Fareed, guys! Cool and funny guy. 

Me and him were in charge of blowing the balloons. hehehehehehehe

The birthday girls were the latest to arrive and were made to put on those masks..giraffe's masks =P

Oreo cheesecake made by Nat. Reallly reallllly niceeeee!
The birthday girls...sort of.

Trying out their presents.

Reminds me of methane, CH4's structure. 

The girls, Nat, Watt, the gf, and Wina.
We wore same colour, green. Not the matching one though.

Fareed was hungry already. Actually I was too. =P

Good husband, served the food to the wife first hehehe.
I want to eat the cake again!!

At Wina's place. Her mom made beefsteak, eaten with that bread in the pic.

Thick face, I went for three rounds of that beefsteak. =P

Group photo at Wina's place.

At the gf's place. My third fifth time there..I think? Passed the keropok my mom bought for them to her parents. Hehehe..
A lot of biskut, kuih raya. Got kek lapis also.

All ready to be eaten. Mee goreng, ayamas goreng. Hehehe..

They were looking at my passport. After awhile they asked me, "Where's your moustache now?" =___=

The couple thought they were not in the picture LOL

Group photo again!

Makang budok! The gf looked tired. Too stressed being a good host hehe

On our way to Watt's parent's house in JB. They are currently renting a house there. This is the only picture with everyone in it.

The driver is not in it. =P

Took a lot of pics in the car. Too bored people..stuck in the jam... @____@

Pretty hot that day, and I got dizzy..because I read newspaper in the car =P
Because we were stuck in the traffic jam for almost 3 hours, we reached JB really late. So, my stay at Watt's parent's house had to cut short.
The cool man, Fareed. He introduced me to Singapore's version of  Seeker, known as Wujud. Really good. Much better than Malaysia's Seeker. I could actually see Cik Kak (that's what they call Pontianak there in Singapore) and Poc or Gula gula (nicknames for Hantu Pocong). Man, scary..
I helped a bit =P and ate a lot. Hahahahaha..
 At 8.10 pm, the taxi came and I left the gf and my Singaporean Gang. Thanks for all the great time I had beraya with you guys, and thanks for the hospitality Mr. and Mrs. Fareed (doesn't sound right LOL). And thanks as always to the gf for being a really great tourist guide.

Maybe next time blog about other places I've visited in Singapore and the public transport there? Eh...promote Singapore pulak.. =___="


JaJa'Z said...

wah! sedondon gitueeeee

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

tak tau plak kalau gi raya macam ni kena matching sikit2. LOL =P


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