Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trip To Singapore - Day 1

Met abang Kamal, Kak Lindah and Nuha who flew back from Australia for a short raya holiday with their families in Malaysia. They got something for me from Gippsland - my old Adidas shoes!
How time flies, Nuha is 2 years old already. Still remember the time when she was  just few weeks old in Gippsland.
My tourist guide for day 1 in Singapore. =P

"Ada hutang ka?"

After watching 'The Infidel'. Funny movie..for those who can take the jokes.

Taking Singapore's cable car. 

I hadn't ride one since...high school? The one in Genting Highland I mean.

The gf was scared the guy would fall down. =___=
Birdview of the bus interchange.

Vivo City, supposedly the biggest shopping mall in Singapore?

We are both Virgoes LOL. The first time I saw such a huge cruise ship..

The tickets.

Sentosa Worlds Resort. Been to Sentosa Island beach but not this part of the island yet.

Awesome view..

After the ride, we headed down to Clarke Quay. Pretty much reminds me of Kuching Waterfront and Melbourne Yarra River by the Flinders Street Station.  Heh.

The gf dared me to wave hand to the tourists boarding the boat. No sweat. I saw a male caucasian and greeted him "G'day mate" with my not-Australian-at-all-accent =P

Wonder, ponder as things get yonder.
Starving. Early dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.

First day was pretty tiring, having to drag my luggage all over the place. I shouldn't have brought my laptop LOL since my laptop weighs more than 2 kg!! DAMN! And I shouldn't have brought towel but I forgot that my friend told me they got plenty. Oh well. =P

That's all for the first day. Pretty outdated. Should have posted this up last week. 



JaJa'Z said...

amboi! sakan singapore aje..hehhehe..rindu la tu...huhuuu

d_tieah said...

Cantiknye singapore..
Tp duit kat sana nilai tinggi kan..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

kak ja, pergi beraya je.

d_tieah, tempat bersih, public transport pon idiot proof senang diguna. exchange rate la tinggi sangat heh.

[z@ck] said...

mahal tak kos nak gi spore?

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hmm patutnya mahal la kan. accommodation lagi. tapi aku menumpang rumah member. heheh jimat.
makan, kalau tukar malaysia, lebih kurang sama je.nak naik cable car, 26 dollar.
tapi public transport memang bagus giler aa. tempat kecik, efisyen je semua. kena beli ez link card, macam touch n go card gitu.


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